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July 28, 2009
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Mom Chair Tied by LouisTarado Mom Chair Tied by LouisTarado
My mom rode with me to my cousin's graduation party, and either drank too much champagne too fast, or what she did drink didn't mix well with a pill she must have taken. At first, it was good to see that she was having a good time out on the patio on such a nice sunny day, looking so cute as several people remarked. I was a little embarrassed when she started dancing, but everyone felt she was being the life of the party. What first got my concern was when she put one of her high heeled feet up on a chair to smooth out her nylons right in front of where one of my cousin's friends was sitting. I'm sure it would have just been a nice little show for him at first, but the poor kid was hemmed in where he was at, and mom started going well above the hem line, scooting the skirt of her dress up indecently high. She looked at him and smiled as she caressed the uppermost part of her thigh, and then switched legs. Several men at the party where admiringly taking notice, and several wives and girlfriends glared.

As I decided to go over and try to get her to behave, I caught her with a hand on each breast uncomfortably close to my uncle, who always thought she was beautiful and I'm sure was enjoying it immensely, but aunt Jenn was right there in sight. Aunt Jenn approached me, looking a bit perturbed, and I preemptively said "I know, she's acting inappropriately, but I'm not good to drive myself right now."

"Look." Aunt Jenn replied, "I think a little game of 'hostage' would let you enjoy the party and not have to leave early, and give your mom something to enjoy for a while too, remember how we used to love playing that when you were a kid?"

"Yeah, she stopped letting me tie her up when I turned 13, something about it confusing me at that age...becoming a man and such." I replied.

"Well I think this is a good occasion for it!" Jenn said with a slightly wicked looking smirk on her face. "I'm going to go into the garage and get some rope, and then put it up in my bedroom. I'll put the rope and some scarves on a chair that will be in my closet."

I nodded, feeling a wave of mixed emotions. All these years I still missed the days of playing 'hostage' with anyone, and my mom very seldom dressed up so perfectly to be the damsel. It seemed years since she whore either a dress or high heel sandals, and longer still, if ever, since I saw her wearing both at once! I agreed to the plan, and went over to get her attention as my aunt walked briskly towards the garage.

I went up to my mom, who was now sitting down and not doing anything overtly embarrassing, until I realized she was teasing someone else. My uncle's brother was in a slack jawed gaze standing across from her, as she was rubbing her legs together seductively, and licking her lips! She flexed her toes as she slowly rotated her right ankle, her right leg crossed over her left, and then leaned down to unnecessarily fasten the ankle strap on her four inch heeled sandal. My uncle's brother's wife was just walking over, and took a brief glance at my mom with a confused look on her face just as I stepped in between and hopefully diffused the whole thing.

"Mom, how you doing?" I asked as I stood in between her and Joe and Linda's line of sight. "Having fun?"

"Yeah sweetie. Are you having fun?" she asked with a smokiness in her voice and a smooth rhythm that had me adjusting my shirt buttons. "Maybe this champagne has got me feeling a little light headed, but you really look like your father, baby." she purred.

"Come on mom, I want to show you what Jenn has done with the upstairs, you should really take a tour." I offered as I took her hand and helped her up.

As I led her upstairs, I passed aunt Jenn, and she gave a little wink and I noticed she lurked around the corner. I led my mom by her wrist, and took her into the bedroom.

"Mmm, sweetie, I hope you're not having any bad ulterior motives." she said in a mock innocent voice. I really think she was trying to seduce me, and it gave me further resolve to really tie her up good for acting like this. I didn't say anything as I shut the bedroom door, and went over to the closet and opened it as my mom sat down on the bed.

I decided to give her an out before going through with this, feeling this might be kind of weird, even though I mostly did want to go through with it. "Mom, you want to lay down for a few minutes and take a little nap until you feel better?" I asked, deciding that if she took a nap, she'll be back to herself when she wakes up.

With an animalistic gleam in her eye, she said, "Sleeping is the last thing on my mind right now honey." as she wiggled her butt on the bed. I grabbed a shorter length of the ropes that my aunt had set out for me, and approached my mom. The gleam in her eye got even brighter and she stood up, locking her gaze on me. I grabbed her shoulder and turned her around rather forcefully as she let out a pleased gasp. "You naughty boy!" She exclaimed.

I positioned her wrists so they were crossed behind her back, and started wrapping the rope around them, and she let out a very deep moan. After passing the rope around her wrists several time, then cinching those loops tightly between them, I tied it off securely. She tested the tie, and turned around with a glazed over trance-like look on her face, eyelids heavy, and seemed to be leaning in to kiss me as I firmly grabbed one of her arms and led her over to the closet.

I got a longer length of rope and started tying that one around her upper arms and chest, and she kind of started to come out of her little daze. "But baby, how are you going to take my dress off if you tie me up this way?"

"Mom, come on, I'm not going to undress you, we're just playing an innocent game of 'hostage', nothing lude." I replied.

"Oh, I see." She said with a look of disappointment. After getting her torso tied to decent satisfaction, I grabbed a terry hand cloth and shoved it in her mouth, then cleave gagged it into place with a white cotton cloth aunt Jenn left for me. I then sat her down in the chair which was in the closet, and securely tied her ankles together, and tied them off to the horizontal support of the chair's legs. At that point, she started to struggle and seemed a little upset. She tried to talk and was muffled by my superb gag, and that gave me an extra bit of satisfaction, remembering the little elements of playing 'hostage' that gave me special feelings. At that point, I was into this project, and was going to finish even if she really was pleading to be let go.

"Too late mom, I'm finishing tying you up to my satisfaction, so you might as well just sit back and enjoy it." I said, now in a little zone of my own, which nothing could stop me from taking it through its due course. I finished using up all the rope, and she was extremely well tied up. I still wanted to do something more, so used a magenta silk scarf to ad another layer to her gag, tying it so it covered her nose, mouth and chin. She seemed to decide to just go with it again, and had a peaceful look on her face as I caressed her hair. "I'll be back to get you in a few hours, mom. " I told her.

I shut the closet door and found aunt Jenn was standing inside the bedroom watching, her arms crossed and a very satisfied look on her face. "Go ahead back down and join the party dear, I'm just going to take this in a bit, and get a few quick pictures to remember it by."

"OK, aunt Jenn." I said, feeling so content, years of frustration sated.

A few hours later when I decided it was time to take her home, aunt Jenn insisted we couldn't untie her. She loaned us a jacket to hide the ropes and helped me walk my mom to the car, a scarf hiding the heavy gag work. Jenn retied my mom's legs after getting her into the car, insisting on redoing it as thoroughly, if not even more thoroughly than I had them tied in the closet.

In the end, I know my mom enjoyed the experience as much, if not more than myself or aunt Jenn, even though she was embarrassed by her behavior on the patio that day. She later told me "I'm so sorry mommy was acting inappropriately, hon, but am proud of how you stepped in like a real man and handled it." I felt pretty good about the whole thing at that point, the guilt about my mom being so humbled by her own son now alleviated.
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legatore73 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
my favourite fantasy
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I search up, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and i Get This? :confused: 
Dave1961 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
love it
Warlord9 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
Great work and great story.
JovianJ Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
I think this is the story and art that drew me to your work. Well written, with the appeal of the son taking charge and how well you kept it innocent regardless of how sexual the situation could have gone. Yet it also shows care, affection and how she enjoyed it and in the end, the son did too. The balance was perfect.
PackersFan2 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
That's a lot of rope
LouisTarado Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
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PackersFan2 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
A medium amount?!?
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boundbymywords Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
A beautiful story to go along with a beautiful drawing!  I loved how you described the ties and the gag, and the situation was priceless.  The fact that it was a son tying up his mother made it a tad awkward, but I still think it sounded hot.  I'm sure a lot of people would love to tie up a hot M.I.L.F.  It might be a little weird if it was your own mother, but I can kinda relate.  I used to play tie up games with my aunt, but that was probably 15 years ago.  If we did it today it would be really weird...but I could guarantee you I'd be a lot better at tying her up! Thanks for sharing this! :)
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