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She Wolf Tied Up by LouisTarado
She Wolf Tied Up
Well, here is an OC that came to me and I got interested in wanting to do more with, and thought this doodle came out satisfying enough to color and submit. A friend first inspired the idea, a young lady infatuated with wolves who happens to also be a comitted submissive, combined with at least a couple fantasy series I've been reading, and a little Anime inspiration in there. (Does anybody know what authors/book series I got inspired by? I'm not saying to see if anyone guesses. If not, maybe that means I can take more credit for modifying ideas enough to pass them off as new!) I'm rather briefly summing up the concept for this image, not really filling in what could be a whole novel stemming from some of the ideas I had kicking around, and not up to writing a whole lot right now:

Veronica had grown up amongst a group of orphans making their own way in a post apocalyptic ruined city. She always had an affinity for wolves, and somehow knew they were no threat to her when she sighted them hunting around the ruins and green belts of the city at night, and even felt a comradery with them. In the strange new era of mutations and unatural phenomena and creatures, some people believed that ancient magics were reawakened in the world, spoken in private company and low tones as workings of "fae". At one point as an adult, after a particularly close encounter with a wild looking person running along with a pack of wolves, Veronica had suddenly developed yellow eyes and pointy canine teeth an 'awakening' to the wolves' calls occured, sharing a telepathic bond with them, and sensing she was seen as one of them by the packs. Some started calling her "She Wolf", or nicknames like "Lupine", but also had started to treat her differrently. One day, she made her way to meet up with a hermit in the mountains who she learned about who had the same affliction as herself.

"Ah, yes, so we found ourselves another rougarou! Glad to meet ya!" hermit Jack welcomed warmly, as wolves gathered around.
"See, that's what I call it, from the old lore of my folk from the bayou, something like the English werewolf legend I suppose. They said a rougarou actually has the head of a wolf, and various other such nonsence. I think it's one of those things that gets exaggerated, passed along and gaining more and more lore each time it's retold. Either that, or what we are is just something new, but I think old ju-ju that was the origins of old stories that frightened children have been reawakened."

As Veronica spent more time in his presence, experiencing the bond stronger with some help of Jack as a mentor, and more so by having access to his pack always so nearby, she started to fear losing her humanity. Jack didn't seem to have experienced any type of issues by any of his recollections, having always been comfortable with what he was, and claimed to have never lost site of also being a human, or to have attacked anyone who was innocent with a crazed blood lust, but Veronica felt a pull that she was afraid she couldn't return from. On her insistence, Jack finally agreed to keep her tied up and monitered for a few days, letting her try to find an inner balance and struggle to come to terms with everything happening.
Helping a friend, if you have a buck or two to spare. Only having it up in Facebook isn't panning out so much...


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United States
A message to those wanting to make requests. Please just make a request, and don't just note me or comment a meek question if you may please make a request. The curiosity element is tormenting, and then I never get to see what someone had in mind because I say "go ahead" but with the disclaimer that paid commissions get priority, and even so, I'm not committing to a request just because I say you can make one! I would enjoy seeing requests because they might be a really good enough idea to inspire me to do it possibly without asking any commission, or if I see a common theme in requests, I may work that into my own personal stuff if it seems to be in high demand. That being said, since I have started doing paid commission, it doesn't seem fair to do free requests, so keep that in mind, even though I don't mind reading them. Art trades are usually welcome, those doing art trades generally knowing and liking what I'm into, and it's gratifying seeing a different artist's take on my own OC, or an idea I'd draw myself but they could do more appealingly.

I am inspired by anime and fantasy novels, certain movies, but really mostly draw damsels in distress, which is a term I like that really mean bondage (aka DiD), not having a flat tire on a stormy night (unless that is just the setup for her ending up all tied up). Watch me if you like cute babes, sometimes amps, sometimes anthro, who are generally very tightly tied up in heavy rope bondage, and very frequently are wearing strappy open toe sandals, especially high heels, and show a lot of leg. That's how I like 'em, and even though I evolve slightly towards some style or imagery or other fetish, will always gravitate around the tied up damsel in sexy strappy heels. You'll notice other patterns in my peccadilloes probably (like hoop earrings), certain details make the damsel all the more sexy in my opinion!

Current Residence: USA
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