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Slutty Hillary
Hillary got off emasculating guys, especially ones who liked her after she tricked them into thinking they had a chance. Her ego shot up and she got a rush from rejecting guys, and calling them losers, pussies, and telling them the take a hint after standing them up. It was all done through text, after acting the sweet lady in person. One day, when she was leaving her work at the salon, someone wearing a balaclava approached. There was really no way she could be sure who it was, even suspecting it was one of the guys she tore apart. Before she could call out or run, a rag was stuffed over her mouth and she fell into blackness.

Sometime later, she awoke lying in dry dirt, with a smell of stale urine, decaying garbage, and diesel fumes strong in the air, and feeling very cold . She recognized she was under the freeway in the city, the filthy shelter of the dwellers of "the jungle", named after the heavily treed hillside greenbelt that the interstate ran by through the middle of the awful city. She might as well be in the third world now, stripped, tied with packaging twine, and severely gagged, and somehow put into her sexy slave stilettos she liked for night clubbing...he must have used her car, and found them in there! She sat on a discarded milk crate, wondering how she was going to navigate this dirty steep incline trapped in her towering heels, and abhoring the thought of finding help, being seen like this in public, when figures emerged from the make-shift shelters nearby. One pointed a pistol and called out "Careful, she can still kick ya good, she got some whore heels on!"
Two skinny burnout men grabbed her and chuckled as the one with the gun said, "Oh yeah, we'z makin' a buncha skrilla off this ho! After fuckin' the shit outta this bitch, we stick her with that wacky num num stuff, 'Crazy Blue', keep her nice and spacey! We make money pimpin' this bitch a good 2-3 years 'fo she is all used up! Aw yeah!"
Tying Mom Up by LouisTarado
Tying Mom Up
A young man helps a sexy acquaintance of his mother in securely restraining her. The woman has a sharp sword after all, but Jimmy is actually thrilled to prove himself and get taken under the wing of the best damsel napper he knows! Mom will be fun to keep practicing on once they get her to the dojo dungeon!
Miss J, Wolf's Prey by LouisTarado
Miss J, Wolf's Prey
Something inspired by icon: jokerismyname' s alter ego and OC, Miss Joker, a crazy clown princess of heists getting a taste of being the victim. My OC Veronica, a lupine heroine with a bit of craziness herself has caught Miss J and is playing out that she is her girlfriend, not caring or acknowledging that Miss J already has Erika.
"Careful sweetie, you don't have on your safety gear!", Veronica calls lightheartedly, as Miss J tries to make a break for it on their little skating 'date'.
This one is highly lamentable I cannot do coloring right now, because it really takes away from Miss J's character not seeing her white skin, green hair with a purple stripe, and the black and purple of her lycra pants, with black muscle t and red skate shoes, as I imagine them.


LouisTarado's Profile Picture
United States
A message to those wanting to make requests. Please just make a request, and don't just note me or comment a meek question if you may please make a request. The curiosity element is tormenting, and then I never get to see what someone had in mind because I say "go ahead" but with the disclaimer that paid commissions get priority, and even so, I'm not committing to a request just because I say you can make one! I would enjoy seeing requests because they might be a really good enough idea to inspire me to do it possibly without asking any commission, or if I see a common theme in requests, I may work that into my own personal stuff if it seems to be in high demand. That being said, since I have started doing paid commission, it doesn't seem fair to do free requests, so keep that in mind, even though I don't mind reading them. Art trades are usually welcome, those doing art trades generally knowing and liking what I'm into, and it's gratifying seeing a different artist's take on my own OC, or an idea I'd draw myself but they could do more appealingly.

I am inspired by anime and fantasy novels, certain movies, but really mostly draw damsels in distress, which is a term I like that really mean bondage (aka DiD), not having a flat tire on a stormy night (unless that is just the setup for her ending up all tied up). Watch me if you like cute babes, sometimes amps, sometimes anthro, who are generally very tightly tied up in heavy rope bondage, and very frequently are wearing strappy open toe sandals, especially high heels, and show a lot of leg. That's how I like 'em, and even though I evolve slightly towards some style or imagery or other fetish, will always gravitate around the tied up damsel in sexy strappy heels. You'll notice other patterns in my peccadilloes probably (like hoop earrings), certain details make the damsel all the more sexy in my opinion!

Current Residence: USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: EDM
Favourite style of art: anime/manga
Operating System: XP
Favourite cartoon character: Penelope Pitstop
Personal Quote: Poppin' my collar

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thanx for the fav ;)
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Sure, nice work!
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Do you think you could do me a picture based on my story 'I kidnapped a Nun' please? In colour if you don't mind.

I'm only asking because I'm such a fan of your work.
LouisTarado Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016
I appreciate if you're a fan, but you don't watch me, so...I don't know.
94undertaker26 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
How about now?
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