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Morning Show Foxes held Hostage by LouisTarado
Morning Show Foxes held Hostage
The lovely Ainsley, Julie and Jenna decided to host a new kind of morning show, where sleepy eyed viewers could get a good eyefull of beautiful ladies, shiny sexy legs, and thoughtful dialogue with their morning coffee. While Julie was a former Democrat pary strategist, she held relatrively moderate views, but was politely second fiddle to the silent majority opinions of the more conservative co-hostesses. This was a formula to gain full rage and hatred from a certain radical Anti-American director, who's publisist managed to trick the show into thinking he would actually appear as a reasonable and intellectually honest guest. LIttle did the co-hostesses know, the sickening seething pasty small man had a deviant alterior motive. Hypocritically, he managed to arrange a pistol to be hidden inside the studio, through his Film Actors' Guild connections, along with several bundles of newly conditioned Japanese hemp rope, and a pile of cotton scarves. He belched the horrid smell of half digested hamburgers and franks which he habitually had been stuffing his face with nervously, as he tightly bound the three surprised women on air. They could not respond through their muffles as he ranted about the evils of liberty and his love of tyrranical centralized rule over the ignorant rabble. He spat upon the brave who gave their lives in love of the fantanical haters of life, and their dirty periophilic cult, and the wonders of enslavement and hopeless suffering  under communism as they could only try to supress their queezy stomaches and helplessly sit in strict bonds. The ladies hoped their children were not watching this morning, although they regularly did, and at least this would not be the last view they had of their beautiful mothers. 
Bondage Malarkey by LouisTarado
Bondage Malarkey
 This was originally intended to be a St. Patrick's Day timed deviation, but unfortunately I wasn't set up to finish it, and so then took my time. 

 Karen and Carrie, a lovely pair of bar maids at McKeefe's Brewpub were asked to play along with a little skit involving the two hilarious Leprechaun hosts hired for the evening. Nobody seemed to follow the convoluted lore that the stocky wee-men had spun about a bygone magical time in the world when the abduction of lasses was frequent, as brides for the fae-folk, because they were too slack jawed with buzzed bliss upon seeing the masterful rope work being implemented by the little people. Those stubby fingers worked masterfully as the charismatic fellows told their legend with great theatrical skill. 
While Karen just hoped it would help boost her tips for the night and pay for her little boy's braces, while worrying about her glasses getting all steamed up, Carrie was giddy over the idea, being the wilder of the ladies, even dyeing her hair green for the occasion. Upon the blaring and jaunty "Irish Washer Woman" playing from the DJ stand, and the spirited "Ha shaw-shaw shaw-shaw!" laughter of Paddy and Riley Leprechaun, the lovely lasses attempted to dance a jig while simultaneously struggling from their well tied bonds. The palpable degredation in front of the rowdy cheering crowd of patrons in combination with the repressed arrousal brought on by the strict restraints left the girls feeling flustered with knee weakening arrousal, something they hadn't anticipated, but made the situation all the more intimately erotic and memorable for all. 
Wynnona Wolf by LouisTarado
Wynnona Wolf
Wynnona is out enjoying some stiff mixed drinks and cutting loose to a great DJ, and takes a little break, flaunting how good she looks. 
"Nobody at the club seems man or woman enough to grab me by my ponytail and take command!", she thinks to herself lustily, and ponders if her son would be interested in playing a little "Cops and Robbers" this late, if she heads home soon. That would at least partially sate how she feels, after the alcohol started kicking in just right, and she saw the reflection of her own legs as she was strutting by a floor length mirror. It had caused her to get damp. 


LouisTarado's Profile Picture
United States
A message to those wanting to make requests. Please just make a request, and don't just note me or comment a meek question if you may please make a request. The curiosity element is tormenting, and then I never get to see what someone had in mind because I say "go ahead" but with the disclaimer that paid commissions get priority, and even so, I'm not committing to a request just because I say you can make one! I would enjoy seeing requests because they might be a really good enough idea to inspire me to do it possibly without asking any commission, or if I see a common theme in requests, I may work that into my own personal stuff if it seems to be in high demand. That being said, since I have started doing paid commission, it doesn't seem fair to do free requests, so keep that in mind, even though I don't mind reading them. Art trades are usually welcome, those doing art trades generally knowing and liking what I'm into, and it's gratifying seeing a different artist's take on my own OC, or an idea I'd draw myself but they could do more appealingly.

I am inspired by anime and fantasy novels, certain movies, but really mostly draw damsels in distress, which is a term I like that really mean bondage (aka DiD), not having a flat tire on a stormy night (unless that is just the setup for her ending up all tied up). Watch me if you like cute babes, sometimes amps, sometimes anthro, who are generally very tightly tied up in heavy rope bondage, and very frequently are wearing strappy open toe sandals, especially high heels, and show a lot of leg. That's how I like 'em, and even though I evolve slightly towards some style or imagery or other fetish, will always gravitate around the tied up damsel in sexy strappy heels. You'll notice other patterns in my peccadilloes probably (like hoop earrings), certain details make the damsel all the more sexy in my opinion!

Current Residence: USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: EDM
Favourite style of art: anime/manga
Operating System: XP
Favourite cartoon character: Penelope Pitstop
Personal Quote: Poppin' my collar

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