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Slave Bride by LouisTarado
Slave Bride
 Alysha looked around in a state of surprise at her new predicament, and felt the severity of her restraints, then sighed blissfully as a shudder of arousal overcame her. This was it, it was actually happening, and she was in for a totally submissive bound lifestyle for the long haul! 

 Her e-master whom she had been communicating with had been able to arrange a first time, real life encounter, and it happened she was able to uproot from everything if the right opportunity came available. He had sent her a package in the mail, with instructions, to wear everything included and where to be and what time. She had felt a sensual tingle as she put on the white textured flower pattern pantyhose, and then the top, with nothing beneath either of them. As she laced up the white patent leather sandals, she marveled at how brave she was going to have to be to go outside in her outfit, while the potential for being spotted and gawked at, recognized, or shamed was an intense turn on at the same time. She was grateful a gray trench coat was also included in the package however. It would keep her from getting too cold, and cover her up properly enough, so that she could still feel very sensual yet nobody would know what she had, or didn't have on under the coat. 
 As per her commands, she had a taxi pick her up, and take her to the industrial district, a corner where the building had been unoccupied for some time, and the few street lights around flickered, or were burned out. The only thing she had with her, in her pocket, was a 50 dollar bill, and she gave it all to the cab driver as told, even though the fee was only $28. She would have no need of any of the change. It was just two minutes before midnight, when she paid him, and got out, according to the taxi's digital clock. 
 After the cab dropped her off, and drove away,the reality of being all alone, vulnerable, and standing in the open had stuck her, and as a cold breeze blew in, humid with fog, she shuddered, and yet felt more resigned to her fate in a peaceful and yet eager way. Alysha stood a few moments, before noticing some movement down the street, emerging from the fog. A pair of men, staggering along, gave away their presence with chuckles and drunken mumbling to each other for a few moments when they suddenly went silent. She saw that both of their attention was suddenly directed at her, and one of them pointed in her direction, and then they both started walking directly towards her. She heard one of them laughing lowly, and was about to turn and swiftly walk away when the lights of an automobile flicked on from an alley that was in line between the damsel and the drunks. 
 The pair redirected their route, and swerved back onto the sidewalk and off into the dark, as the vehicle from the alley pulled out, and up to the curb besides Alysha. The driver side door opened, and the large figure of a man stepped out and said clearly, "put your hands on the roof of my car, and spread your legs apart a bit." 
 She did as she was told, feeling immediately sure this was her master. She was yet to even get a glimpse of his face, and he was already stepping around behind her and patting her pockets. He gave her a thorough pat down, sliding a gloved hand up and down her inner thighs, and inside her jacket, firmly probing every inch of her. Without saying anything else, he started removing her jacket, and draped it on the roof of the car. He grabbed her forearms, and placed them behind her back, and wound a length of rope around her wrists. After cinching the ropes rather tightly, and tying off the ends, he steered her to the rear of the car and opened the trunk. "Get in." he said, as he helped hoist her with his hands firmly placed on either side of her ribs. 
 He expertly then tied her ankles together with more rope that was in the trunk, and then proceeded to tied her calves and thighs together, as well as her torso, pinning her upper arms to her sides. He tied her ankle bonds to her wrist bonds, putting her in a secure hogtie, and then ordered her "Say 'Ah.' my dear.". Her eyelids grew heavy with a trance like sensation of raw desire as he started to tightly pack the inside of her mouth with a white cotton cloth. A layer of duct tape was used to keep the cloth in her mouth, and then a red scarf was securely tied over that. She finally had the notion to get a look at his face finally, before what she knew was coming next, and as he slammed down the trunk's door, she realized he was wearing a black ski mask. 
 She had no idea how long the car had driven, but could tell it had been on the freeway most of the ride, and pulled off, and onto a primitive gravel road. It must have been many miles more of travel before the car finally came to a stop, and she saw the blurry moon light in the overcast sky and felt the crisp air. Her master hoisted her from the trunk and positioned her over his shoulder, and she saw briefly, and dimly that there was a small rustic log cabin surrounded by old growth evergreen forest. 
Halloween Mom Bondage by LouisTarado
Halloween Mom Bondage
Got it done just today, under the wire! 
 It was the best Halloween I can remember! My mom was this angel, but just showing off so much leg in her costume, it made me feel funny, especially with the killer heels she had on to go with them. I didn't quite want to be Jack Sparrow exactly, he was a little too odd for me, but that inspired me to come up with my own pirate character who was more kick ass, in my juvenile imagination. 
 For part of our party, we decided to watch a few scary movies, when my mom said it would be a good idea if she could keep herself from leaving the room when it got too scary, I think leading me on purpose to come up with the idea of doing a little rope work on her. She loved the idea that she would feel like part of the movie, a potential victim of the freaks on the screen, but stated she might start screaming too much, perhaps I should do somethign about that? It was fun how she struggled along extra with the scenes that had some damsel bondage in them, the only type of scary movies we tended to watch. 
Pole Tied Damsel by LouisTarado
Pole Tied Damsel
Haily played the role well of being distressed whenever her lunk of a brother and his lumox friends played their games with her, which were always a thin disguise just to tie her up. Being petite and extra girly, she was low hanging fruit for such antics, but kept it to herself how much she actually enjoyed the attention, and the special natural high it gave her to be tightly immobilized by their progressively improving rope tying skills. She blushed and hoped they didn't notice how hot her cheeks have gotten, terrified they might never play like this again with her if they knew the intimate levels of satisfaction she was feeling. 
Wynnona Rescued by LouisTarado
Wynnona Rescued
Wynnona, working as an agent for the Wolfland Intelligence Agency wound up getting kidnapped and put into a harem while gathering intel on the Swine Terror State. Fortunately her best team mate and rugged operator Hannah was able to get her out if the pigs' clutches in the fog of chaos. 


LouisTarado's Profile Picture
United States
A message to those wanting to make requests. Please just make a request, and don't just note me or comment a meek question if you may please make a request. The curiosity element is tormenting, and then I never get to see what someone had in mind because I say "go ahead" but with the disclaimer that paid commissions get priority, and even so, I'm not committing to a request just because I say you can make one! I would enjoy seeing requests because they might be a really good enough idea to inspire me to do it possibly without asking any commission, or if I see a common theme in requests, I may work that into my own personal stuff if it seems to be in high demand. That being said, since I have started doing paid commission, it doesn't seem fair to do free requests, so keep that in mind, even though I don't mind reading them. Art trades are usually welcome, those doing art trades generally knowing and liking what I'm into, and it's gratifying seeing a different artist's take on my own OC, or an idea I'd draw myself but they could do more appealingly.

I am inspired by anime and fantasy novels, certain movies, but really mostly draw damsels in distress, which is a term I like that really mean bondage (aka DiD), not having a flat tire on a stormy night (unless that is just the setup for her ending up all tied up). Watch me if you like cute babes, sometimes amps, sometimes anthro, who are generally very tightly tied up in heavy rope bondage, and very frequently are wearing strappy open toe sandals, especially high heels, and show a lot of leg. That's how I like 'em, and even though I evolve slightly towards some style or imagery or other fetish, will always gravitate around the tied up damsel in sexy strappy heels. You'll notice other patterns in my peccadilloes probably (like hoop earrings), certain details make the damsel all the more sexy in my opinion!

Current Residence: USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: EDM
Favourite style of art: anime/manga
Operating System: XP
Favourite cartoon character: Penelope Pitstop
Personal Quote: Poppin' my collar

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